miércoles, febrero 11, 2015

Formax Trading Contest
Forex Demo Trading Contest Win up to $3000. Whether youre a beginner or experienced trader, you can get rewarded with Formax. Theres over $50,000 in prizes to be won.
Available: All New Trading Account
Contest Registration Time: 2015.01.31 04:00 - 2015.02.21 04:00(GMT+0)
Contest Time: 2015.02.08 22:00 - 2015.02.28 02:00(GMT+0)
Contest offer:   
First prize (1 winner)
$3000 Account Fund                        
Second prize (3 winners)
$1000 Account Fund                
Third prize (6 winners)
$500 Account Fund                     
Earnings awards (90 winners)
$100 Account Fund

viernes, enero 30, 2015

Dukascopy Launches New Forex Trading Contests

The Dukascopy community invites you to participate in new demo-trading contests. With that said, you don’t have to invest your own money to participate in the contests and to be able to win excellent cash prizes. Dukascopy, which is a truly reputable and client-oriented Forex company headquartered in Switzerland, designed these contests in order to support promising and talented traders who have potential to grow into trading heavyweights but currently cannot afford to invest their own savings in Forex trading for any reason. it all about the concept of social trading.

Social Trading with Dukascopy

It was the Dukascopy community that was the first to introduce the notion of social trading to the public. The very notion of social trading means helping rookies and intermediate traders lacking expertise improve and grow professionally while achieving outstanding results in trading financial markets in general and Forex in particular.

In order to get you up and running fast, Dukascopy launched a series of dedicated contests. they are conducted on a monthly basis and are designed to attract the risking starts of trading.

In order to join the community, you need to open a Dukascopy  demo account and sing up for at least 10 signal providers out there. The point is to find the most efficient managing trader within the scope of the Dukascopy community.

In order to participate in the contest, you need to be 18+ old and to register on the 1st  - 25th day of every month. if you want to get paid, you must provide the genuine information about yourself. The initial equity of the contest account is $100 000. Apparently, you can trade manually but the point is that only auto trading (signal copying) will count since the whole point of the contest is to determine the quality of auto trading and signals.

The leverage is 1:100. The total annual money pool for the contests is $45,600. The money will be distributed between the TOP10 participants of the month. The prizes are credited to the participants’ live accounts.

- 1st prize – $1000
- 2nd prize – $800
- 3rd prize – $500
- 4th prize – $300
- 5th-10th prize – $200 each

The prize many can be used to trade Forex intently after they are credited to the winners’ live accounts* For more details, please visit:

At the same time, if you are an individual trader, Dukascopy has got you covered as well. The Forex company has another trading contest to offer you. The contest is for manual trading only. In order to participate in the contest, you need to register a demo account with some limitations, including the initial equity of $100 000. You can trade via the conventional desktop software or via software averrable on Java, Android and iOS. Only the trades equal to 100 000 up to 5 million units of the base currency will count. you are allowed to use at most 5 currency pairs simultaneously.  For more details, please visit the company’s official website. These limitations are introduce in order to make the contests more exciting and to insure the participants against any potential abuse or cheating coming from the counterparts.

Apart from trading, the participants are expected to make notes in their trading diaries in order to explain their logic, though and motives. These notes are going to be published on the participant’s blog. The quality of these notes will make it possible to get extra rating points in order to influence your standing in the overall rating of participants.

The money pool is $21 000 It is going to be distributed among the TOP20 traders of the month.

- The winner gets $6000 and the «Trader of the Month» title!
- 2nd prize - $3500
- 3rd prize - $2500
- 4th prize - $2000
- 5th prize - $1000
- 6th - 10th prize - $800 each
- 11th - 20th prize - $200 each

The prizes are credited to the participants’ live accounts and can be used to trade currencies. You can also withdraw the prize if you generate the total trading volume of $2 000 000 per each $100 you want to withdraw. The registration period starts on the 25th day of every month and end on the 25th day of the next month. This is an 18+ contest. And remember that you must report the genuine info about yourself if you want to get the prize.

You can find more information on Dukascopy’s official website. Welcome to the world of great financial opportunities!

miércoles, enero 21, 2015

Squared Financial Forex Contest

Contest Rules
  • To enter (the "Contest"), you must agree to the following binding rules
  • Registration for this Contest and/or entry in the Contest constitutes your agreement to these Rules and you will not be eligible for the prizes unless you agree to these Rules
  • You must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in the Contest
  • Squared Financial (‘Squared’) reserves the right to refuse any person as an entrant
  • Contest registration ends at 09:00 on Monday 2nd February 2015
  • The Contest starts at 09:00 (Dublin Time) on Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015 and ends at midnight on Saturday, February 28th, 2015
  • The prize fund breakdown is:
    • 1st Price $3,500 funded Squared live account
    • 2nd Prize $1,000 funded Squared live account
    • 3rd Prize $500 funded Squared live account
  • To receive a funded Squared live account your account application will undergo the normal Squared account opening process
  • The Squared live account will be funded within 20 calendar days of prize notification
  • Withdrawal of Funds: Funds deposited by Squared as a prize can only be withdrawn 30 days after the date of deposit.
  • No Alternatives: Prizes are non-transferable and no cash alternative is available. No prize transfer, assignment or substitution by winners is permitted.
  • Squared may use its sole discretion to determine whether a Contestant’s trading activity entitles them to the prize
  • Each participant is allowed only one Contest demo account. More than one demo account is grounds for disqualification.
  • Each participating demo account starts with a $50,000 balance and a 200:1 leverage
  • Demo accounts will not be able to trade until the Contest starts on the above stated date.
  • Participants can choose to opt out from the Contest before and during the contest.
  • Opting out disqualifies you from the Contest and to opt out you must contact Myfxbook directly
  • Squared has sole discretion to disqualify any participant or winner found in violation of the Contest Rules.
  • Squared reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend these Rules. If the participant does not accept any amendment to these Rules they can withdraw from the Contest.

viernes, enero 09, 2015

China Connect Contest

Enjoy this new contest!!

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